Quick Toggle Student View

Being able to toggle into Student View within my classes in order to double- and triple-check to make sure "everything is as it should seem" is a wonderful feature built into Canvas.


FEATURE IDEA: Have a quick toggle button located at the upper-righthand navigation that allowed me to toggle Student View ON/OFF easily, would improve my workflow and efficiency in setting up new assignment / pages / etc.

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2020-12-19) - Canvas Community


This feature idea is now open for voting.

Community Contributor

Yes, please! This would make my life much easier and increase the usage of the very helpful Student View functionality.

Community Contributor

Yes, having a quick on/off toggle for the student view in the always accessible navigation pane would make life easier.  Of course we would miss the Twister game - bottom left to settings, upper right to click the student view button, and bottom right to leave student view - of turning the view on and then off.

Community Novice

Great idea!

It'd be much easier training people about this as well.. rather than having to get out of where they were, go to Settings... etc, then how to get out of it afterwards!

Community Participant

Haha YES!


Community Novice

It would also be nice for there to be a difference between a Test Student and a Student View. Student View would allow you to view any page as a student, even if you haven't met the prerequisites to access that module. Test Student would require you to go through all of the prerequisites in the order students will actually experience them.

Community Contributor

It'd also just be helpful to have the current button on the Course Dashboard, instead of having to click through to Settings.

Community Team
Community Team

Currently, we use masquerading as a way to get the student view. This would be an amazing update. Teachers would be able to have the student-view without having to act as another user (and contribute to that other user's analytics).

Community Explorer

Toggle would be awesome!!  Yes, please and hurry!

Community Champion

I totally agree with this feature request.  Right now, "Student View" is great...but buried.  It needs to be more up-front and center for faculty to remember it's there.