Quiz results as a percentage

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I would like to have quiz results be displayed as a percentage instead of points out of so that students can immediately see their average on a quiz without having to do any arithmetic.

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Thanks for your idea submission  @cook_matthew ​.


Thank you for your Feature Idea submission.  We wanted to call your attention to and idea that was submitted by ssimpso4​  " style="color: #2989c5; which was submitted in a different voting period.  It may contain valuable discussion and insight as this discussion moves through the voting process.

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Interesting. I was just about to remark that this is already a choice that can be made when setting up a quiz, but it turns out this is only true for assignments, not for quizzes.

What would be great is if this proposal could be combined with two others that are also currently open for voting: Show percentages in gradebook with % symbol and Option to show scores in the gradebook as both points and percentage for an individual assignment. Actually, the latter is something I miss as a transplant from Bb, where two different displays are consistently available, and there is total flexibility in choosing between points, percentages, letter grades, complete/incomplete, etc. in both of them. Certainly assuming that all the proposals that are open for voting are approved, it would be nice if the same display options are made available for both quizzes and assignments.

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This idea is now open for vote. Smiley Happy

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I really like this idea, and would also like to see the possibility of graded quizzes being marked complete/incomplete, to motivate students to take risks on formative assessments.  While we're talking about enriching quiz grading, thought I'd add the link to this feature request in case others are interested:.

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I add my vote. When creating a quiz, questions are generated and some times there are many and sometimes there are few. If the quizzes are to be weighted the same, they should have the same point total. If the quiz score could be automatically changed to a percentage grade and then sent to the gradebook with this score, that would make them all equal. I realize you could make each quiz worth 100 points, but if there are only 7 questions, how many is that for each question. In addition, if you have a 35 point quiz, who wants to go back and change 35 point totals to 2.86 for each problem. If this were created, it might be easy to add percentage fudge points. This would also facilitate sending the score to an SIS.

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I just had the same realization! I'm surprised that I can set assignments to display as % or letter grade, but not quizzes.

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I also would like to see that the quizzes themselves be weighted as percentages. For example, I have an assignment group: Quizzes. I have 4 quizzes in the group. Some quizzes have 50 points, some 100. But I want each to be weighted equally, based on the percentage correct that the student has earned on the quiz, not the raw score.

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I like the idea of having quiz grades as percentages.

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Hi, Carl

Please check out which is a feature idea that is currently open for voting (until some time on April 6).  There is a discussion associated with that feature idea involving a few different ways Canvas might accomplish this functionality.  Using your example, an instructor wouldn't have to worry about playing around with the numbers at all.  If they wanted their 7 point quiz treated the same as their 35 point quiz, it would be handled by Canvas.  Then, connecting to this feature, students would be able to see how they did as a percentage instead of seeing they earned 6/7 on one quiz and 20/35 and perhaps not intuitively understanding that the 6 is much better than the 20.