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It would be great if canvas would allow a rubric to be exported to a word doc, csv format or pdf so that rubrics can be used in class instruction or provided to students with assignment description and syllabi. Currently, a rubric can be printed but not downloaded so it cannot be shared digitally without recreating the document, which, is a waste of time.

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Hi everyone,

It's finals time and assessment time. It would be really great if we could export rubric data to help us with student trends and progress made from our curriculum changes.

Looks like lots of users need this feature. Please put this on the priority list.

Thank you so much,


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This would be an excellent idea as many students and teachers find having access to a rubric in other formats - such as print or PDF.



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This would be great! Our University is going to start using Inspera for digital exams and would need this function!

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We need rubric data exported for accreditation purposes.

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This is extremely important function to have! my university professors all requested this from me as an admin yet I couldn't help them. 

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As an instructional designer I'd like to be able to export a rubric that worked well in one course to another course. 

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