[SIS] Auto-Enrollments in non-course sites based on SIS Import data

Problem statement:

In our previous LMS, we had it configured to enroll users into non-academic course sites. These include ones for health and wellness, student resources, faculty resources etc. We were able to have the LMS enroll into these sites by the user role in the extracts from the SIS.

We call these "project sites" For example, a student focused project site we created would be populated by those with a "student" role in the SIS imports. A faculty one would do the same with faculty members. Some project sites needed everyone enrolled so we would configure it for both roles.

We created a shortcut to do this using our SIS to add the data in the enrollments CSV, but it would be much easier to have this as a feature on the Canvas side.

Proposed solution:

A possible dashboard/admin page where we would map a site SSID to a role (or roles) and have it maintain the enrollments indefinitely without opening and closing dates.

User role(s):


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Thanks for your submission! Based on what's being asked here, I've identified a theme that I think this would fit well with. It's called Make account configuration and management more efficient through better default settings and control.... I've associated this idea to the theme.