[Scheduler] Scheduler recurring events

I should be able to use the scheduler to set up appointment slots for office hours for one week and then have an option for Canvas to automatically create the same schedule on subsequent weeks.

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Try using Youcanbook.me. This is not a Canvas resource, but I have used it

for years to allow students to book appointments. I set up my free account,

copy the booking link and post it to at Contact Me link on the home page in

Canvas with instructions. All students use the same link, so it's

centralized and linked to my Google Calendar.


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I'm leading Canvas trainings this summer for our faculty, and many of them would like to be able to create recurring appointment slots using the Scheduler. In fact, most of them abandon the tool when they realize they can't do this; it seems to be a dealbreaker! With so many courses going online, this seems like a natural extension of the ability to create other recurring calendar events. I hope this feature is put on the road map soon.

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Fixed yet?!?

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This issue has been open (in one incarnation or the other) for five years now.  Do we know when this capability will be available?  As mentioned in several other posts, not having this capability negates the advantage of keeping this functionality in Canvas.

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Not clear if recurring events in the calendar for appointments is available or not..... if not it should be.....

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Improvements to this feature would be very much appreciated.

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I would definitely like this change to be made so we do not need to spend so many hours setting up the schedule for each week.  However, I do not see a place to vote.


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Yes, this function is essential. Without a "recurring" function, the appointment group feature is essentially worthless for setting up office hours. I can't get my faculty to use it in its existing form, it's far too tedious to set up office hours with the existing functionality.

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I have noticed there is a feature to repeat events, but not one for appointment groups.

I have certain hours each week that I can meet with students.  I DO NOT want to have to put in each day seperately.  What I would like to see is where I can select a day, set up my time frame and frequency and THEN select a "repeat _____ until ______" for example repeat weekly and then select the last day of the term.  So say I pick a friday and set up 10 minute slots from 12:00 to 2:00.  Once I click Repeat weekly it would copy the assignment group to every friday untilt he date chosen as the stopping point.

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I really like using the scheduler. It would be so much easier if you could choose a time period and then select all the days that you want it to apply to, or set it up for a week and then copy it to subsequent weeks.

Also, it would be great if reserved appointments would show up in the "to-do" or "coming up" feeds on the dashboard.