Static Toolbar for New Rich Content Editor

Because all of the important features for linking and adding documents have been moved from the sidebar in Canvas to the top of the Rich Content Editor, it would beneficial (and user-friendly) to have the toolbar remain static at the top of the screen when scrolling through the Rich Content Editor. As it is now, I scroll down to an area and want to add a link or attachment, but I have to scroll back up to reach these tools on the toolbar, which means I have to hope my cursor is still in the correct spot. Having the toolbar remain at the top of the Rich Content Editor, no matter where I scroll, would improve efficiency and ease of use.

Melissa Rasmussen

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-07-15) 

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I agree with Sylvia. This is pet peeve of mine. I want the scroll bar to appear in the editor itself (just like it does in the current editor) so I don't have to rely on browser scroll bar. 

Community Explorer

Agreed! But only if the auto-expand is removed. It is really annoying to have a double scroll bar when the edit window is expanded to full length. As long as the auto expand is functioning, I only want the one browser scrollbar.

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Shared feedback through the official channels as suggested, but also posting here: Would love for the Title field to reappear when setting up a link in the new RCE. Going back through to HTML view in order to add it is quite cumbersome.

For reference, compare old (above) versus new (below).

The Add Link dialogue box in the old rich content editor.

The Add Link dialogue box in the new rich content editor.

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Hello again.  So, I contacted my administrator, and instructors don't have access to the beta environment.  And since the updates were supposed to happen on July 15th, I'm assuming I should be seeing a static toolbar now...but I'm not.  Does the update take some time to trickle down to users?

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 @hmcmichael ‌ - You should see the static RCE toolbar now in your production instance - Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-07-15). Try it out by editing a page. In order to see the effect, you may have to resize the editor window and play around with scrolling both in the editor window and the browser window. I tried it in Firefox just now and the toolbar is static (see screenshot below). 

Canvas page in edit mode showing the RCE toolbar at the top

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As soon as I start typing, however, the editing box expands to full size, hiding the Cancel and Save buttons.

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Yup  @Kelvin_Dean ‌ - it's still doing that. That's what  @shorts ‌ and snugent‌ were saying (see their posts below from July 9, 2020). The auto-expanding window is the next thing I'd like to see addressed. 

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Instructure Alumni
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The New Rich Content Editor Menu bar remains fixed for long page content. For more information, please read through the Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-07-15) 

 @mmrasmussen  Thank You for submitting this idea. Your investment helped refine a feature that is now part of Canvas! 

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Instructure Alumni
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That is exactly what I was thinking! It would save lots of time, specially when working on question banks.