[Student Grades] Make "View Grades" more user-friendly

Right now, when a student or parent clicks on "View Grades" it is a laundry list of courses with the final percentage next to each one.  This is not a very user-friendly view and often confuses parents and students and prevents them from digging any further.  We need this page to be an "At a Glance" overview that allows them to gain the information they need quickly.

There are a few things we would like to be able to include on this page:

  • Ability to show the percentage and/or letter grade
  • Ability for teacher/parent/student to opt a class out of showing up on this report (i.e. for a class that may not report grades such as homeroom, athletic, club, or advisory)
  • missing assignments icon that shows how many missing assignments are in each class
  • Cleaner view -
    • similar functionality to mobile version
    • student drop-down (for parents who have multiple students)
    • color coding that matches the color of course card
    • course list should match courses on dashboard as well as the customized order
    • notifications icon per class
  • Ability to have a custom display based on learning mastery grade book - such as a color-coded line based on standards mastered
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Community Team
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Awsome idea!!!

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Love this idea

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There are many elements in the student Grade screen. I feel like it would be helpful if the right-hand sidebar was delineated and could be hidden this would help. Also the Assignment Groups are in both the sidebar and at the bottom of the screen - could these elements be combined? 

I also feel that the checkbox to "Calculate based only on marked assignments" and the resulting on-screen change are not easy to grasp initially. The percentage value for each Assignment Group, for instance, is not shown when this box is unchecked. 

Add to this the opportunity for students to add 'What if' scores, and a range of icons indicating access to rubrics, feedback, and notices, and there is just a lot happening in this screen. 

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Community Team
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