[Studio] Open-ended Questions for video quizzes

I enjoy the fact that canvas is making their own video quiz option. However, I have been unable to take advantage of it because there is no open-ended question option. I like to have my students answer one or two open-ended questions during videos to ensure their understanding and to push them to think deeper about the information they are being given. It can also be a great way to check-in on a students thinking during a pre-recorded video lecture to ensure information is getting across correctly. 

By adding this feature we are expanding our students ability to interact with content in a meaningful way.


This type of question is available through other sites such as edpuzzle. I do use it there. But I would prefer to be able to do this through canvas since I already record some of my lectures and tutorials through its studio system. 

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I suppose one way around this (for now) is to embed the Studio video in a regular quiz and then use the essay question (or series of essay questions) that quizzes allow for. 

Here is a video on how to use Studio videos in regular quizzes or assignments: Studio 

Not the most effective use of the video though, since you can't assign each question to a specific point in the video.

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Great idea! Please implement!

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I am planning on recording many videos (multiple per day) for the duration of remote learning.  Having open ended questions would provide much better feedback on student understanding than the current options.  This is a desperately needed feature for me, thank you!

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+1 the idea for open-ended responses within Studio. Thanks @lshulman for the workaround in the time being.

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This is how it will look like as an open-ended question. Notice that the text box is only a plain text box, not using the RCE. In fact, when teachers create any type of question in Canvas Studio, the RCE is not used at all.


A sample open-ended question in Canvas Studio. Students will write their responses, which will be manually graded by their teacher.A sample open-ended question in Canvas Studio. Students will write their responses, which will be manually graded by their teacher.

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s there a way Canvas could add a short/long answer option to Studio Quizzes? It's limiting that we can only do Multiple Choice, True/False and Multiple Answers. It would be beneficial to us as teachers, and for the students, to have a text box they could use to answer the question. Open-ended questions would make Canvas Studio Quizzes so much better. Currently I have to use Edpuzzle for that, which is a pain, and I would prefer to just do everything on Canvas. Thank you!

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I also would desperately love to have this feature. While teaching Elementary, it would enable me to do mini-check ins during a pre-recorded lesson (not ideal, but I don't really have an option).


For now, what I have done is make the quiz "True or False" then embed the quiz inside an assignment that requires a text entry response. Then I have the students go type the answer to the real question in the text box & instruct them to select "True" when they are finished.  Obviously, this is not ideal because it requires them to follow semi-complicated instructions (for 4th/5th graders!), but I think after the first few times I show them, they will get it...hopefully.


Although if the short-answer feature was added, I wouldn't have to do that! 🙂  Thank you for the hard work!

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Yes! This would be fantastic! I would like my students to be able to respond to some higher level thinking questions in my reading videos!

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Having a way for students to write responses in Canvas Studio would be super-helpful!!

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My teachers would like to see this as well. The current situation is unfortunate for the Canvas engineers I would think. Their hard work to create the quiz option goes unused and unappreciated by anyone who resorts to EdPuzzle for this functionality.


I Vote UP for this question type on Studio Quizzes.