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Currently, Grading History (How do I use grading history in the Gradebook? ) is completely unavailable in course sites over a certain size (around 100 students, in my observations). However, these large sites, generally with multiple teaching assistants and graders, are the ones that would benefit most from a log of who entered any specific grade.


At my university, we offer a very large number of courses that exceed the current capacity of the Grading History feature. Canvas adding support for this functionality in large courses would provide significantly increased transparency and accountability for our grading process and for instructors of large courses.



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Here's a screenshot of the current user experience for grading history in large courses:


The current documentation of this feature states that "Grading history only displays up to 2000 grade changes" -- however, in large courses, grading history displays zero grade changes. Logging all grading throughout the duration of a course would be ideal, but even a log of the most recent 2000 grade changes would be a significant improvement.

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We have the same issue as you, Steven. I have voted for this idea and will be sharing about to see if we can get the numbers up.


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The large classes are the ones that tend to need the grading history the most. Nothing like having 200 or 500 students and someone makes a mistake and we can't get anything back. I know it is more work but when we have more students affected we need more tools to help that. Manual process one at a time for 200 to 500 students takes an awful long time.

Canvas thanks for helping us out on this for the large classes!!

Karen Matson

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Steven, me too. I will share this with the interested parties here at OSU to get more votes.

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Community Coach

Voted! This would be great to have for our larger classes!

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And to add insult to injury there is no notification sent to instructors when a grade is changed.  The student gets notified but the instructors do not.  Combine that with the fact that Canvas doesn't auto log you out for about 48 hours...

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This is so important at universities with large classes and GTAs.  Please work to improve the scaling of this feature so we can use it in larger courses!

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Voted@ Def. think this would be beneficial to larger classes.