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Currently, Grading History (How do I use grading history in the Gradebook? ) is completely unavailable in course sites over a certain size (around 100 students, in my observations). However, these large sites, generally with multiple teaching assistants and graders, are the ones that would benefit most from a log of who entered any specific grade.


At my university, we offer a very large number of courses that exceed the current capacity of the Grading History feature. Canvas adding support for this functionality in large courses would provide significantly increased transparency and accountability for our grading process and for instructors of large courses.



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Deactivated user​, any updates on this functionality in light of the larger upcoming Gradebook changes you presented at Instructurecon this summer?

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Any update on timescale would be excellent, another session is starting and within a few weeks course gradebooks exceed the 2k changes.  Would love to see this feature request going into production!



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Agree with what others have said about it is precisely the largest courses that need this.  I have a large class today that believes grades are disappearing from Canvas. I would like to rule out the possibility that the various TAs in the course are overwriting grades .  But without gradebook history I don't have a way to discover whether or not this is true myself.  The answer I got from Instructure was that I should go through as an admin and view grades for each student one-by-one.

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We have had exactly this issue (multiple TAs and missing grades) and it is very hard to disprove the instructor's belief that Canvas is somehow "losing" these grades. I have tried using Admin Tools -> Logging -> Grade Change Activity reporting to resolve this, but you can only use one filter on this report (either Grader, Student, Assignment, or Course ID) and the report is not downloadable. I submitted a feature request to improve this tool, but didn't get enough votes. There really needs to be some way to research this.

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Lindy, if you ever re-open the idea, let us know, we will help vote it up! At the moment, it involves scrolling and pasting to Excel to get the data out!

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Any update on the status of this idea Deactivated user? We're transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas now (about 50% moved over), and our large courses would really benefit from this feature working.

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Community Team

This idea was moved from Under Consideration stage (no longer in use) to the Product Radar stage.  

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It's worth noting that this is an issue not just for large courses, but also for long courses. For example, I'm at a K-12 school with courses of 16 or fewer students. But those courses run for the whole year and have fairly regular graded assessments. By this point in the year (late April, early May), we also can no longer see the grading history in courses that have simply had too many graded assignments, because — multiplicatively — we have also exceeded a history of 2000 changes.

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This is still just as essential as it ever was, a timescale for implemention would be interesting, without it, you are putting the integrity of your final grades at risk, especially on a long/large course with multiple instructors.

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Is this essential feature ever going to go anywhere?  There are lots of brilliant and useful enhancements in the gradebook enhancements, phases I and II, but this lack of gradebook history just where you most need it, is still stuck in 'radar', which could also be renamed 'long grass' or 'graveyard'.

If this is below the bottom of the priority list for phase I and II enhancements, I take away the message that requirement to audit course grades is considered less important than some cosmetic/usability features.

Product radar does not seem the best resting place for this feature, see e.g. one of many previous discussions