[Syllabus] Improvements in Course Syllabus: Add assignment "Available from" date

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We'd like to share this request for improvement with you. If you have the same need, please feel free to comment. We'd love to hear your thoughts.


Replace the first column of the Course syllabus (Date) with the assignment “Available from” date and name it as Start Date.



Currently, the first column is Date, which is unclear to which date it refers. Additionally, two columns could be joined into one because they are the same thing (Date and Due). Also, this change will help the student plan better their activities.


A detailed course summary eliminates the confusion of two separate columns to report the same.

Mejoras en el Resumen del curso (adicionar fecha "Disponible desde" de las actividades)

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Nos gustaría compartir esta idea o solicitud de mejora con todos. Si tiene la misma necesidad, no dude en comentar. Nos encantaría escuchar que piensan.


En el resumen del curso se propone cambiar las columnas Fecha y Fecha de entrega por la información registrada en las actividades en los campos Disponible desde y Fecha de entrega, donde este último campo sea efectivamente la Fecha de entrega no solo la hora de entrega. Adicionalmente para una mayor claridad para el estudiante, se propone que el título de la columna con la información del campo Disponible desde sea visualizado como Fecha de inicio.

Solución propuesta:



¿Por qué?

Actualmente, la primera columna se titula Fecha lo que no es claro a que fecha hace referencia para los estudiantes. Adicionalmente, existen dos columnas que podrían agruparse en una sola debido a que informan lo mismo (Fecha y Fecha de entrega). Finalmente, la columna Disponible desde (con título Fecha de inicio), ayudará al estudiante a planear sus actividades.


Mayor detalle de las actividades en el resumen del curso, eliminar confusión de dos columnas separadas para informar lo mismo.


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I am a professor and enjoying CANVAS, thank you for your support.

I believe the "Syllabus" section main idea is to reflect the real class syllabus as much as possible by providing the due date of all assignments (Date - Description - Due Date). Nevertheless, I consider an  extremely important column is missing. An additional column showing when the assignment will be available (meaning when it will become available so student can start working on its completion) should be included. 

I would kindly ask you to consider adding a column showing the “available date” of the assignment in the syllabus section. This section is where students and professors go to see what's next and when; if Canvas was to add a column showing when the assignment will become available; it will make it perfect and even closer to what a real syllabus shows.

An example of a clear advantage this will offer; is that once I submit a grade for a particular assignment; let's say a video lecture everyone has to watch before a class session; if everyone has completed such assignment (meaning have watched the video already); I could proactively go on open up the next video ahead of time and make it available earlier providing more time to students.  This will provides an incentive to those students who are very well-organized and wish to advance….Nevertheless, If I go ahead and change the availability date, so they can start with that next assignment earlier; they won't be able to know as they don’t know that I made it available). Adding the column in “Syllabus” will make it evident. 

In general, this will help students to improve their time management with assignments. It will make it simpler for them if they know directly how much time the assignments will be available.  

Dr. Jorge Riveras
Framingham State University

PS: Usually my syllabus includes a column with "Open Date" (When it will be available) and "Due Date". If this is possible it in Canvas' Syllabus, it will be much closer to a real syllabus and provide all the information students/professors need. 

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