Upload an image directly to a discussion as a student

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As a student, I want to be able to upload an image directly to a discussion. I can only do this today using a cludgy, two-step workaround: (1) upload the image to my personal files, then (2) use the content-picker in the discussion-response window to select the image from my files. Instructors can upload images directly to discussions. Students can upload images directly to other parts of Canvas. Seems odd that this use case requires a workaround.

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Originally posted by: Sunny Washington
Thank you especially for contributions by: T Beasley, Stefanie Sanders

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This is now completed for mobile and web.

For more information, please read through the following release notes:

Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.3) 

Canvas Student Release Notes (Android 6.3) 


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 @kari ​,

Maybe so for simplicity of the interface? So faculty only have to set it once instead of forgetting to do it for each discussion? Teachers that want attachments probably want them for all discussions (or don't mind them for all).

The embedding of a picture is different from attaching a file, though. I don't know of a way to turn off embedding, it's just a pain to do, which was the point of this feature request.

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Instructure Alumni

 @kari , that's a great question!   @James ​ has addressed the "why" of your question; I'd like to point out that at this writing a feature idea is currently open for voting that would make the file attachment ability a per-discussion setting:

Please vote! I'm one of those teachers who wants to be able to decide for herself which discussions allow file attachments and which don't. Smiley Happy

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Thank you Stefanie! Just voted! I agree with you on  the ability to decide if there are attachments or not per discussion instead of making it for all or none. I think ease for instructors/teachers to evaluate each options while setting up the discussion board will not lead to confusion on the class experience.

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I agree and voted, Stephanie. This simple (for us, but maybe not so for Canvas) change would greatly improve the functionality of discussions which I am a heavy user of.

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Interesting image choice!

As a native Alaskan (unfortunately removed to Washington State for the last 30+ years), I am very familiar with the alpine Forget-me-nots. I also grew up with the the designer of the Alaska State Flag - Bennie Benson! At the time, this was a contest for Alaska K12 students and Bennie was, if memory serves me right, in Fourth Grade.

Just a bit of trivial fluff!

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Has there been any further progress on implementing this? Our instructors and students are regularly stymied by the lack of an easy way to embed images in discussion posts and this would be a great help.

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Any word about whether/when this will be implemented?  It really does need to be easier for students to do this.  It seems like it should be a standard thing, rather than overly complicated.  But then, I'm not a coder.  Smiley Happy


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It does not make sense that students can embed a video more easily (using the record video and upload) than embedding an image.

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I just voted. Hopefully this can be implemented sooner in a drag and drop manner (eg. composing gmail emails, adding files to box.com or dropbox, etc). It's a real pain to embed images in a discussion otherwise. Until then I'll be trying Padlet, which is great but is not connected directly to Canvas (a little more work for me to figure out which students have submitted their work).

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I've been noticing a TON of student canvas tickets in service cloud this term related to them not knowing how to embed an image into a discussion post, and they usually seem pretty frustrated when they see how difficult it is to complete this task.