add newly accept course to course menu by default

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After someone accepts a course invitation, could Canvas add the course, by default, to the course menu? That way, people would see the course immediately in their drop-down lists and could remove it later.



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Community Contributor

With the new UI, I would go further and make the new courses automatically appear on the dashboard (cards). With all of the visual attention given to the dashboard, the course menu is becoming more of an afterthought to the user.

We rarely, if ever, "invite" students and faculty to actual courses in Canvas. All of our enrollments are handled via the SIS and thus don't generate the notification of a new course like an invite would. I think the addition should be triggered once a course is published not necessarily when the enrollment occurs. We load students into courses weeks before we publish courses for the new term.

Community Contributor

Current semester courses that have been published should automatically be visible to students when they log into Canvas, either as a card in the new UI ( as well as via the Courses tab) or as a linked favorite in the old UI.  The game of "Hide and go Seek" to find a course is not acceptable.  Neither is playing  "Tag You're It" in order for a current course to have a course card placed on the dashboard. If a student is enrolled in five current semester courses, then all five should be immediately available without requiring the user to "favorite" a course for it to be visible.

Community Champion

"Hide and go Seek" is so much fun but I agree that we need to minimize it here.



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Yes, yes, and yes! Regardless of what Canvas Support says, Canvas did not function like this prior to the Spring 2015 session. This has been very confusing to our students and overall doesn't make any sense. All new courses should automatically show up on the Dashboard (or in the old UI, on the Courses drop-down list).

Community Coach
Community Coach

For additional reference/information/conversation about this issue, I wanted to point people to this discussion - New Courses in the New UI Dashboard

Community Champion

YES!! This is definitely needed! Our Student Help Desk has been contacted so many times already this semester by students asking why their courses aren't showing up in their dropdown list, when they were used to them showing automatically in past semesters!

Community Participant

This is so important for our students. Changes in a new platform are always overwhelming, but imagine not finding your courses! Changing this makes the platform more intuitive and would avoid a bunch of calls from students (they get worried fast :smileyconfused:).

Community Champion

Okay, I have been thinking and thinking about this one and now have a terrible headache. I have also decided to vote down this feature request.

As an admin who also has a huge professional development role at my school, I literally get dozens and dozens of course invites. This feature would place them all on my preferred list, eventually bumping out courses that I need have on that list. It would require me to manage my courses list more frequently and actively. I have enough work now, and am not in need of more.


Community Novice

Hi  @kmeeusen , that's pretty easily fixed, I think.

Couldn't there be an opt-out option for admins? You'd just need to select "Don't automatically add new courses to my dashboard" and you're set.

Other admins with PD responsibilities are saying they've got more work to do - since we're always trying to help people find the courses they expect to "just be" on their dashboard or in their courses menu.

Enabling placement in the Course menu by default, or even better, Dashboard-by-Default, but giving the opt-out option, would be a positive step, I think.