360 Videos & Canvas

Community Participant

I'm having a devil of a time trying to make 360 videos work in Canvas. Viewing them does not seem compatible with the Canvas app (you can't go full screen). I've tried  posting instructions to copy/paste the YouTube link into a new browser or the YouTube app and that's coming up with problems too. I have instructors who want their students to use their phones and Google Cardboard to look at images and videos and it seems to be more a problem than I had thought it would be. 


First of all, unlisted Youtube video links don't seem to be recognized by the Youtube app. (Seriously, how stupid is that!) And while the videos play fine on the desktop, when I open a browser on my phone (Firefox or Chrome) I get an error message that says 360 videos playback is not supported on that browser. It lies! Because I can browse and play any other 360 videos, no problem!


If anybody has tips on 360 content with Canvas, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

(Thanks to @Stefanie Saunders for the reminder that I should post this here!)