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I am a student and I have been using the app for two years. However, when I go into my course Functional medicine coaching Academy, I click on the module. I click on the videos it’s not loading. I’ve tried different modules. I deleted the app and reloaded three times. No result. How can I get support, I listen to my modules when walking or driving so I can get my study in. My institution says they do not support the app and directed me to the website which is not resolve the issue. How do I get help for the app? 

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Hello @ChristinaRatlef 

The videos could have issues on the app depending on how your teacher embedded them and what type of format they are and/or what type of external tool they used. Most videos should play on the app but occasionally the video file type or external tool used for them can have issues. 

If you're using the Canvas App, we recommend clearing the cache: 

If none of that appears to fix it, it would be best if you contact Canvas Support and they can take a look at the specifics of your course and assignment and provide better insight. 

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