Получение сертификата об окончании курса

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Здравствуйте, я проходила обучении на онлайн-курсе «Образование будущего», мне нужен сертификат об окончании курса.

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Subject: Obtaining a Certificate of Completion

Message: Hello, I was trained in the online course "Education of the Future", I need a certificate of completion of the course.

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Hello @НадеждаВерченко 

If you have recently completed a course and need a certification of completion- it would be best to speak with the institution or school that you are taking the course with. Oftentimes, these certifications are provided completely outside of Canvas. Sometimes they are provided by Canvas or at least given to you via Canvas. If that school or institution isn't helpful in providing you a copy of your certificate, you can speak with Canvas who should hopefully be able to provide some clarity and assistance:

How do I contact Canvas Support? - Instructure Community  

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