A student cannot see their progress in account yet Admin can see it

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I am an instructor.  I have a student that cannot see the progress in their account.  The information can be seen when an admin masquerades as this user.  What can the student do to troubleshoot what they are supposed to be seeing in their account?



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Hi @HASchoolAdmin,

I came across this unanswered question while doing a community cleanup.  I can say that if ad admin sees something when masquerading as the user, but the user doesn't see it on their own, it almost always indicates something going on with the user's device.  They may be using an outdates browser or operating system, they may have some sort of content or ad blocker interfering with information loading, or have browser security settings unnecessarily high.  In my experience as a Canvas admin, the issue wouldn't be on the Canvas side unless it also happens when you masquerade.

I hope this helps a bit!

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