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I need to assisted. I have forgotten the portal where printable grades can be accessed. It used to be 'runway' until it was changed sometime back

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Hi @JBKizito,

Unfortunately, the global Canvas Community, where you made this post, isn't going to be able to easily answer your question.  usually final grades are posted in what's generally called a student information system.  There are dozens of different student information systems in use around the world, and as Canvas users, we have no way to know what system your specific school uses nor how you'd access the system.  In Canvas there is a grades page for each course that ay or may not be visible to you, but for many schools the grades displayed there are considered unofficial, and the official grade(s) are the ones found in the student information system. I would recommend reaching out to someone at your school (an administrator or even your teacher) to find out how this works at your school and how to log in to their student information system.


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