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When Editing my Canvas page, I need to give my page a name/title. 

When I'm viewing my page (after editing), the name of the page will appear above the page. But I don't want this because it doesn't match with my layout of the page. How do I (a novice in CANVAS) hide the title?

See the screenshot, I want the title with the yellow cross gone. 

If I have to do this with HTML codes, please provide the full code, because I'm not experienced with this. 




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Community Coach

Hi @NMarinus,

Unfortunately, I think the simple answer here is that the title cannot easily be removed (and definitely cannot be removed by a teacher).  The only want to remove the title would be through custom CSS/Javascript added to an account theme.  That would have to be done by a Canvas Administrator and would affect every course in the account/subaccount (and may also affect more than just pages depending how it was coded).  I can see from your screenshot that you are going for a certain visual style on your pages, but I'd honestly advise just leaving the title as-is and stylizing the rest of your page as you see fit.

I know this might not be the answer or solution you were hoping for, but I am going to mark it as the solution as this post does describe how Canvas works and so that we know the question has been answered.


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