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Access Denied on Canvas Videos

I'm trying to watch a Canvas video but it says "Access Denied".  Any suggestion on what I should do?   

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Out of curiosity are you using Safari?

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Whoops, I see this was a while ago. I hope you figured out the issue!

Community Team
Community Team

There's a chance that the video was/is stored in Files and that it is unpublished. I would reach out to your instructor and ask for advice. Sometimes, that little question helps a lot!

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Hi,  @kcruise ‌--

Some of our instructors have had similar issues. We found that more times than not, our faculty were sharing links to videos from Panopto (or another media app) instead of downloading and sharing an MP4 link. If the video/media is avail. from an MP4 link, I suggest that you upload it to your CanvasGuides: Studio.

I hope this helps!


I'm an instructor and my students are getting the same message. I didn't know that there was a "publishing" step involved. How do I do that?