Act as User in a Sub-Account?

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Hello! We need our Heads of Schools to have ACT AS USER access. However, we can only give them access to sub-accounts since we do not want them to have full access to our Board Room course. We created sub-accounts and placed them as admin in those. Is there a way to either limit viewing of a course from somebody with full admin access to the root account (seems unlikely), or is there somehow a potential for allowing them to act as user in the sub-accounts?

Thank you!

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Hi Lora,

I think I have an answer for you.  You've already added them to the sub-account with the permissions they need; perfect.  Now in the Root Account, create a new Account Role (possibly named "act as user") and only give the permission "Users - Act As".  Last thing, add them to the Root account as admin, but in that new role you created for Act as a user.  

I've added a link to the Canvas Guides section that deals with roles and permissions in case you need more guidance on how to create new roles and assign permissions to them.


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