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Add Extra Time and Reopen New Quiz

A few of my students have been experiencing a problem where a Quiz in Lockdown Browser will not let them submit the quiz.  When the timer expires they are finding that at some point it also stopped accepting answers. 

I have tried adding extra time and reopening the quiz, but the students are reporting that the quiz tells them their time is up and then closes.  We have tried reopening a couple of times and the same thing happens. 

Does anyone know what the rules are for reopening and whether it is possible to add extra time and reopen a quiz? 

I noticed there are two separate ways to add extra time that do not seem to communicate with each other. One is under accommodations and one is under the moderate button.  Does anyone know if there is a difference and how they relate to reopening a closed quiz?



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Hello @pcharles

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with lockdown browser. From what you've explained, it sounds like abnormal behavior. There are canvas quiz settings and there are also lockdown browser settings. Does the timer expire on the canvas settings? And then lockdown browser is not allowing them to submit on their browser? When you say you are re-opening them for the students - again, is that in canvas specifically? Normally if you use the available from-until dates on canvas but not the "timed quiz" option, students can come back in and pick up where they left off. If the timer expires, normally it should auto-submit this for the students. If they are unable to submit, it may be a problem with the setup or something wrong with lockdown browser.

Also, on canvas you can add extra time and attempts to students taking the quiz using moderate:


Please feel free to respond with more details or you could try speaking with Canvas and/or Respondus directly. Because of the complexity of the issue, and the concerns for privacy, it would be best if you contacted Canvas Support directly to pinpoint the source of the issue and provide a resolution: