Are there any assessment design PD courses specifically built around the question types in Canvas New Quizzes?

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I teach high school science--usually chemistry but occasionally I'll be handed a couple sections of something else. Also, I'm in Texas, and we're adopting new-to-us standards in the fall (about a decade behind NGSS).

When my district first switched to Canvas, New Quizzes were already in production, and I really enjoyed using all the different question types. But now the novelty has worn off, and I think I think I could be utilizing them more fully to write better assessments. We as a content already went through our shared assignments and banked items to make sure they fit the new TEKS, but I haven't gone through my individual stuff yet. Also, I want/need to improve the turnaround time on submitted assignments and provide better, more useful feedback to my students. So the more the assessment can auto-grade itself, the better.


In short: I know how to write a quiz in Canvas. Where can I learn how to write a better Canvas quiz?

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