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Assignment (Marked Survey) notifications not working

Hi community,

I have created a Marked Survey for my students and I can see their submissions under 'Show Student Survey Results'. 

I'd like the teachers to be notified every time a student submits their survey.

I have tried both the account and course-level notification settings for both 'Grading' and 'All Submissions' and 'Submission Content'. The setting I used was 'Notify immediately'. My email is correctly listed.

But an email never comes. I read somewhere to wait up to 1 hour, but it's been about 5 hours of testing with many submissions and no email notifications.

For the record, my inbox is working fine. I'm receiving messages from students and I get notified via email because I have Conversations notifications enabled.

Any ideas??!

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@Lisa_Turnston When you say "survey" do you mean a survey through the Classic Quiz Engine (where for the quiz type you chose "Survey" or "Graded Survey"?  If so, there is not currently a way to get a notification for those.  Submissions is only assignments and does not include quizzes, which a survey is part of.  There is a feature request for this to be added to Canvas that you might be interested in (although it does not look like it is getting traction).


Notifications for ALL quiz submissions - Instructure Community

Sorry I don't have better news!


Thanks so much for your response!

I built it as a marked survey (in classic quiz). There is no graded survey option, only: practice quiz, marked quiz, unmarked survey and marked survey.

The survey also shows up in the assignments area, but I didn't build it there.

Can you think of another way for students to upload a document and for me to receive an email notification that it's available?

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