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Assignment comments and responses are no longer visible in Speedgrader?

In the past, I utilized the message area Assignment Comments in Speedgrader frequently. Replies were also visible there, which was great. If students 'forgot' part of a submission, they could attach the file to the message, and there it was, in one place. 

So this semester, on a group assignment, I left love notes there to let some groups know that they forgot one of the requirements, and to please reply to the comment/message and attach the file. Today I went to check for those documents and all I saw was my original comment, even though I was notified by <shudder> email that there was a reply and attachment. I couldn't for the life of me find those replies anywhere--only if I followed the link in the email. And then it was in a Submission Details for a single student, not the group. And finding the submission details for a single student? Really not intuitive to find. I still can't find it. I have to click the notification link! Bottom line, I loved the threaded comments in the Assignment Comment area of Speed Grader. It let me get documents in one place, and not have to reopen the assignment for that one group. Did something change?  Can I get it back?  Is it no longer available for a group submission when individual students reply?

Thank you for any suggestions! It's making me a little crazy. I've searched here in the community and it seems to indicate that this should be happening: "In the Assignment Comments section, you can post comments to the student [1]. Any comments that have been made by the student also appear in this section."  


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