Assignments are GONE

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Hey there. I´m slightly freaking out. And I do not know how this will convey in writing.
This morning, while setting up MP2 in Canvas, I set up an All Tasks category because there was not one visible. When I added an assignment in MP2, I then saw there were two All Tasks categories, so I deleted one of them. In doing so, I deleted all of the assignments in the All tasks category for every kid for MP1. The only thing that shows in MP1 is the Practice/Preparation category.
Can anyone help me get all of my MP1 assignments back in the All Tasks Category? I am MPCS in Maryland for those of you out there. Lucky that I sync like crazy to our SIS (Synergy). But it's the last few days of the MP and the assignments I know students will want to make up are now gone.
Thank you!
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Hi @brownnic 

Frightening and frustrating for any teacher!

Have you tried the unofficial "Undelete in Canvas" trick? This will mostly work for most people.

You might also be able to recover missing content by going to the Beta or Test instances of your Canvas account if too much time has not passed.

Good luck,


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