Audio available to Secure correct ANNUNCIATION FOR MEDICAL TERMS

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Let me first begin, by stating that I am a new instructor here at Gwinnett College. However, this is not my first time teaching, or working in an Higher Learning Institution. Yet, I find myself having a hard time annunciation these medical terms and I want to make sure that I am annunciating them properly for the class. How can I incorporate that the annunciation of medical terminology words. For the students as well as for myself are pronounce correctly? Is there an audio procedure in the text or available for me to use in a class room setting?

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Hi @ShirleyKearney 

This is a question for your textbook publisher!

I have been teaching Medical Terminology online for 22 years (luckily I worked in Medicine for many years and know how to pronounce the terms), and have used many Med Term textbooks over the years, some good, some bad. Most have some form of audio available in their Teacher's (and student's) online resources.

However, if you are having to listen to every single term enough times to nail the pronunciation and assure your students are pronouncing the terms correctly, then you have your work cut out for you, and my heart-felt sympathy!

Good luck,


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