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When opening Canvas from my phone and computer, it automatically opens up an old course instead of my homepage or current course.  How do I prevent this from happening?  The course it opens was completed six months ago.

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Hi @PatrickHalloran ...

By chance, are you using a link to sign in to Canvas that you had previously bookmarked in your web browser?  For example, did you bookmark a specific course or a specific page within a course, and you are using that link to sign in to Canvas (which would then take you to that page instead of to the Canvas Dashboard)?  You might want to create a new bookmark in your web browser that just goes to:  where SchoolName is the name of your school

I'm not 100% sure this is what you are experiencing, but it was my initial thought as I read through your question.  Keep us posted here in the Community...thanks!

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That link using my school's name didn't seem to work.  I did re-save my Canvas link though as you mentioned, and that seems to have fixed the problem.  Thank you for the idea!

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