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Broken File Link

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I keep getting notifications that links to pages or actual files that I have included in my course are broken. 

Why is this happening?

What can I do to ensure it doesn't keep happening?

Thanks in advance

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The Notifications page includes a new alert for instructors to be notified about broken links in a course.


Change Benefit

This change allows instructors to be notified about broken links via notifications when they are accessed by students in the course.


Affected User Roles & Behaviors


If instructors want to be notified of broken links in their course, instructors can visit their Notification Preferences page and select the Content Link Error notification. Instructors are notified with both the location and content of the link error. The Notification default is set to daily delivery.


This notification is triggered in the following conditions:

  • The link cannot be accessed by students because of a permission error
  • The link is broken
  • The link is unpublished


Deleted links are not included in this notification and can be validated using the Validate Links in Content option in Course settings.


Better Feedback on Broken Links 

Canvas Release Notes (2019-03-30) 


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