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Calendar date changes when I edit an event

I am using the current version of Google Chrome on a PC. When I edit a calendar event and need to go to "More options," the date listed for the event always changes to the day before. I searched online and within the forum but found no mention of this. Does anyone else experience the same thing? 

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Hello @hshaw1 

Thanks for posting this in the global Canvas Community! 

I am not sure what could be causing this to happen. I was unable to replicate this on my end, which is a bit odd.  

I checked the known issues page for Canvas and they do have THIS listed but it seemed to be resolved in the 2022-02-16 deploy.. Are you using the 24 hour format for your timezone settings? 

  • It might be best to have Canvas support look into this to see if it is related. You could also try some browser troubleshooting, such as clearing cache and cookies. (For MAC and PC)
  • Does it do this while using an incognito window?
  • What about with another browser?