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Can I randomize the order of students in the SpeedGrader?

I would like to not grade the students in the same order every time. For example, by the time I get to the last one, I will consistently be tired? Aside from sorting by submission time, is there a way to randomly sort the students?

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Hello  @adamgoodkind202  Welcome to the Community! While it's not random, you can sort the list of students in different ways, How do I sort the student list in SpeedGrader? If you are interested in anonymous grading check out How do I hide student names in SpeedGrader?

Thanks but none of the sorting options are to randomize.

On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 6:39 PM Adam Williams <>

That's true. However with these options you can prevent grading the same student last every time to avoid bias from fatigue as you mentioned and with anonymous grading you can eliminate other types of bias. Are there additional challenges you are trying to solve for than those mentioned?

Those are definitely the main challenges. I guess, and maybe I'm being

overly paranoid, the would still be a bias if I'm grading the "good"

students first.

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I agree that this feature (randomization) would be a valuable addition to Canvas and doesn't seem unreasonably difficult to implement.

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I agree. I would like to be able to grade my students in random order. Now, I sometimes start grading in the middle of the group, but the names still appear in the same order.

In addition to changing up the order of students, I'd like to be able to grade their submissions without seeing the students' names. When I grade major essay exams, I print all of the submissions, fold over the names, and then shuffle the order of papers. That helps in eliminating bias. I'd like to be able to do that in Speedgrader.