Can't grade discussion posts in group discussion

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Peace everyone.

This semester I started group discussions. I didn't want there to be a 40 or 50-post thread that was impossible for students to read through, and decided instead to have students (28 per class) assigned to three or four groups to make the discussion more manageable.

When I editing the discussion forum and selected "group assignment," when I created the groups I just selected the option for students to be automatically assigned to a group for that assignment, and then selected "4" for the number of groups. According to Canvas, that should have solved the issue.

However, when I go to grade the discussion forum in Speed Grader, none of the posts are visible. It says "below are the discussion posts for Student X, or you can view the full discussion." But there are no posts below. It's a blank page. 

To see anything, I have to click on "view the full discussion," and then search that student's name in the forum to find their posts.

How do I make it so I can see the students' discussion posts in Speed Grader, like I used to be able to do before using groups? 

I researched here a bit already, but the only answer I saw said to change some settings in the Gradebook, but I don't have any options for that in my Gradebook. Thanks so much!