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Can the student to-do list be disabled?

I would like to know if it is possible to hid the to do list from the student view.  We are having an issue with some students clicking on the assignments from the to do list instead of following the order of the modules.  It would be less confusing for our middle school students to see less on the homepage of their course.  Thank you!

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James, I appreciate your efforts to find a practical solution. But, the workaround you outline is very difficult for novice Canvas users to follow. (And adjunct faculty turnover is a wide-spread problem across colleges and universities.) That's the basic problem with the "To Do List." - it creates an unnecessary barrier to student learning. It creates visual clutter and can overwhelm students, among other drawbacks noted here. It's even more problematic for hybrid/blended courses wherein some activities take place in the classroom and some activities take place online.  

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I am curious if you considered playing with the Module Prerequisite and/or Assignment availability dates? It is a constellation prize, but a prize none the less.

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That's a decent "workaround" for people that have both time and knowledge. Unfortunately, most educational institutions have turnover and thus new educators are trying to learn Canvas as they are actively teaching.  As others note, it would best to have the option to hide the "To Do" list for the multitude of reasons my colleagues outline here. 

This is still a problem as of August 2021.

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YES! This is STILL a problem! Come on CANVAS, this problem was brought up in 2017. With students taking classes from home now, more than ever it's 2021 and we'll still fighting to hid the "To Do" list! HELP

COME ON CANVAS this has been a problem in this forum since 2017, it is now 2021. CANVAS is being used more and more because of the current COVID situation. Parents are being asked to facilitate courses, students are expected to be responsible for their own learning and the "TO DO" list looks like a short cut when it actually makes the course more difficult for them both!  Give us a way to disable this feature in our courses! The temptation of the "TO DO" list is too great!