Canvas Annotation Assignment - Re-Submission Issue

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I have teachers using the Canvas Assignment Student Annotations. The issue we are running into is, if a teacher reassigns the assignment for students to edit/revise, students only have the ability to edit answers already there; they do not have the option of adding any additional annotations. So for example, if a student submits the assignment unfinished, they are not able to keep working on the same document. If a student chooses to complete a "New Attempt," then none of the previous annotations are visible. Is there something we are missing? Or a setting that we can adjust? Thanks in advance for your help! 

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Hi ITRTsmith, 

With the submission type of student annotations, when your student is submitting their finalized work, it's the same as if the student is turning in a text entry prompt; they can't edit those after they are submitted. 


Reassigning the assignment to the student essentially brings it back up on their "to-do list", and ensures Canvas still sends them notifications regarding it still. It does not allow them to adjust already submitted assignments. While it would be nice if they could edit the existing student annotations after reassigning, unfortunately the feature is not that advanced as of yet. They will have to select "new attempt" if they wish to do any additional annotations, and re-add the annotations that they had submitted in their first file. 

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