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Hi Canvas team,


I am looking to see if the canvas calendar can be more dynamic and assessable. Currently, we use faculty sub-accounts when assigning Canvas courses. My idea is to generate year level sub-accounts. If this is possible, it will generate an assessment calendar with all subject data in the one calendar. However, when I examined this idea in the test environment, each canvas course data did not get pulled into the overarching sub-account calendar. Secondly, HODs/CL/ELT cannot examine each canvas course calendar data unless they are assigned to it.


Is it possible to allow calendar access by roles in the settings of the school platform? 

I would love this be reviewed/achieved. It would immensely reduce double handling of information for staff and allow better identification of subject clashes. For observers and students, looking at the one calendar without having to add multiple canvas pages will assist their engagement with the platform.

Alternatively, if this can be achieved more quickly through an individual fee, please reach out. This will help strengthen my case at the diocesan level.

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