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I'm trying to import the Canvas Cartridge for the OpenStax Stats text.  When I login to OpenStax I can see the cartridge.  Then, when it prompts me to login to my Canvas institutional account it is no longer available.  Do I need to contact my institution, or is there a fix?  Thank you.

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Hi @JacquelineWard 

I have never imported from OpenStax before, but I found a discussion in this community that might be helpful.....OpenStax Integration Problem

However, my good friend  @Shar wrote the following to help somebody else in the Community that you might find useful.............

"............. and if by "integrate OpenStax" you mean like a course.. Yes! I did that in August, for an Anatomy and Physiology text. The Instructor Resources page has a Canvas Common Cartridge download available.





And then in the course, they used a redirect link to the Textbook and then modules had link embeds of the book itself.




When I compare the embedded page in Canvas to the Textbook itself.. it's the same page. So yeah you can integrate with links in the module or through redirect links.




I'm trying to find a help document for the redirect tool but I am unsuccessful.  @kmeeusen ‌ or stefaniesanders‌, what's a good reference document for the Redirect Tool?


In the meantime:

What are External Apps (LTI Tools)? 


Hope this information sparks some ideas for you,
Cheers - Shar"


I hope some of this helps,


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