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Canvas - I'm noticing recently that links to Canvas Guides here in Community posts have a different font than other links do. The new font is hard to read and does not seem to meet accessibility expectations: the text for lengthy guide titles is in all caps, there is little to no spacing between characters, since links are underlined, T's and I's are difficult to distinguish. Can this change be rolled back to the same font used throughout the rest of the post? Fonts are normal on the guide index pages.


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Guide: How do I submit an online assignment? 



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Community Team
Community Team

Thanks @audra_agnelly, we're aware of this and will be deploying a change later today to resolve this issue. Some updates to the version of an icon font the Community uses caused this specific type of link to inherit the icon font instead of our standard font family we use in the Community. Look for a fix in the next few hours.

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