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I am looking for the easiest way of finding the analytics for:
# of new students added this week
# of new survey scores 
# of TA comments
across all of our active courses. Is there any way of doing this without going in individually to 50+ programs? Where do you find this?
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Community Coach


I'm not aware of any reports that currently exist in Canvas that provide this information.  Unless someone else is aware of a report that exists with this data, you will most likely need to build custom reports for this information.

If your school has Canvas Data set-up, that would likely be the most efficient way of trying to access and analyze this type of data for all active courses.

If your school doesn't have Canvas Data set-up and doesn't have the resources to set it up/maintain, you could look into the Canvas API to try to get the relevant data to analyze.  Trying to determine the number of TA comments though would likely take a significantly long time to process for all active courses using this method. 

There are also account reports that you could run for enrollment reports each week and compare to see how many new students have been added.  There aren't any account reports to my knowledge for assignment/survey scores (other than outcome scores) nor submission comments.

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