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Canvas Module Update Issue

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Hello --

Canvas was recently updated so that when an instructor or user creates a new module for a course, the new module automatically has a "drag and drop" option underneath. The issue with this update is that ANYTIME I add a new task (textbox, assignment, quiz, etc.) within the module, I have to RELOAD the entire page before I can add another task. This is extremely frustrating and time consuming when creating a course. Here is a video of what happens. (**Unfortunately, the "embed video" option did not work on this discussion, so I just added the link below). 

Canvas Module Update Issue

If you would, please fix as soon as possible. Thank you. 

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I’m sorry to not have seen this post earlier. Yes. Canvas is aware of this bug. 

I reported the bug to Canvas last week and they confirmed it. The current “workaround” is to fill in the information, use the pull down to click to a different option (say text header to url) then back and the “Add Item” button will appear. Painful - but faster than hitting refresh. 

Whenever you see a reproducible bug, then Canvas support is very helpful. You can click on the left menu option within your Canvas instance. 

And ... as you did ... a video is very helpful to the developers. 

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