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I am an instructional designer at my university's CTL. We had a student call in about an error he was getting during a mid-term where near the save button on the bottom of the page, he was getting an "error" message. He restarted his browser and the work he had done on the free responses were lost. His final is coming up and wants to make sure this issue doesn't happen again. Is there also somewhere where the responses were saved in some type of log that he can find? 

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Hi @mit2114,

Was this an assignment or a quiz?

If it was a quiz, the teachers could review the quiz log and would likely see records of the text the student has entered into the essay type questions, as it autosaves at certain intervals.  Students won't see this information from their end, and the teacher would have to go look specifically to find it in the log, so it's something the student should definitely inform their teacher about whenever it occurs.

If it is an assignment with one big textbox, I don't think there is the same sort of auto logging (because assignments are technically very different than a quiz), but the rich content editor (textbox) should have autosaved the student's content for them.  Depending on what the original issue was, it could have also affected the autosaving of content.  For issues like that, it's almost impossible to account for every possibility and have a recovery mechanism, especially if the underlying issue is an internet connectivity problem.  Hopefully this was just a one-off incident though.

Hope this helps!


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