Canvas Quizzes Using Multiple Rubrics Versions?

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Hello all,

I originally thought that I had lost a rubric scoring for a Canvas Quiz I had done for a particular assessment for scholars.  However, upon beginning the process of re-scoring my scholars' assessments, I found that the original were saved, but it is showing up as two different rubrics.  Like I was an entirely different person scoring.  Please see pictures attached.  

To even see the original rubric I had scored, I had to score the new blank rubric (even saving it as 0's).  Then it would give me the option to see my original rubric.  Is there away to avoid this because I was under the impression that I could just continue to edit the save rubric as multiple submissions were made.

After scoring a 2nd rubric this morning.After scoring a 2nd rubric this morning.Original scored rubric from weeks ago.Original scored rubric from weeks ago.Scored rubric from this morning.Scored rubric from this morning.

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Community Coach

Hello again! If you haven't already, I'd recommend submitting this to Canvas Support to see if they can help. To do this, click on the Help link and Report a Problem. 

Let us know what you find out!


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