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How do I get a student into the proper section on Canvas after their schedule was changed? I have a student whose schedule change placed her on a different day (different due dates, etc.), but she is still listed in Canvas in my A-day class. What do I do or who do I consult?

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Under "People" in your course look up the student and then select "edit sections" for the student. You can add and delete sections.

This happens to me all the time. The cause and symptoms might be different for you than me - in my case I know it is related to how Canvas pulls registration information from the registrar, which I think only happens every day or two. Canvas will eventually put them in the new section, but it is not immediate with a registration change, so if important due dates are coming up and I know that a student has switched, I change their section manually instead of waiting for it to resolve automatically. Also, students in my multi-section courses tend to be left listed in both the former and the new section when they switch, so I try to fix those manually by deleting the former section when I see it. Conflicting section-based due dates get resolved by giving them the later due date (not the due date associated with the correct section), so keep an eye out for that as well, but again that might not be an issue for you depending on how your system is set up.

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