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I cannot upload my file into canvas for my class. It has the turnitin  and all I get is the upload file and there is no other button to upload and review. 

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Hi @atrujillo19 

In Canvas, the TurnItIn originality check can be included as part of the regular assignment submission process.  There is no "upload and review" option, and students cannot review the TurnItIn report before submitting the assignment.  See 

The TurnItIn review results are available to the instructor for assignment submissions, and the instructor chooses whether students see that review immediately, later, or not at all.



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We are seeing this here at our college as well. The problem is that part of the dialog box is hidden below the edge of the frame:

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 20.32.12.png

First select the file to upload. After uploading the file then press the tab key. The Submit button will then appear.

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 20.32.52.png

This is landing on our help desks as "I cannot submit my work" Again, the way to get access to the Upload and Review button is to use the tab key. The dialog box lacks a scroll bar.

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