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Canvas and Salesforce Integration Best Practices

I believe some of you have successfully implemented a Canvas integration with Salesforce. Could you please share some Ideas that you think would best help us achieve this integration in a much convenient way? What are the challenges you encountered? What are the tools you used and features you implemented? Guides and samples are greatly appreciated.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @jcastillo ,

While I have done several integrations with Canvas, Canvas to Salesforce is not something I have tackled before. However, I have shared this with the Canvas Developers‌ group who should be able to give you some insights.

I would highly recommend if you are not already, signing up to the Canvas Developers group, there is a lot of useful information in the group that could be of use.

I also found a thread with some possibly relevant discussion which could be of benefit to you as well  (depending on what type of integration you are looking to do).

Out of curiosity, are you looking to use Salesforce as a SIS, or in some other capacity, as that could lead to differing approaches.

Hope that helps!


 @stuart_ryan ‌,

Thank you very much! I dearly appreciate you sharing these posts to me. Truly, these references are gold to start with. What I like with both Salesforce and Canvas is the continued community support available to all users. This is really helpful specially for beginner users trying to jump in and get things up and running.

As for the integration, I'm looking at the possibility to make Salesforce a personalized College Management System -more than just a SIS. To make things short and straightforward, I'm looking at Canvas as being our Learning Management System and Salesforce as College Management System. Interestingly, making salesforce a college management system may just be one of many things we can do and build with salesforce as it is highly customizable. We can then use salesforce to even enhance the cool and great features of Canvas specially personalized to our organizational needs.

I'm also hoping that someone here can just drop their sample implementation projects that they used to integrate Canvas to Salesforce and give us a heads-up  and share their experiences on how we can make this implementation project  even more better and timely.

Once again thank you very much!



Hi  @jcastillo 

No worries at all, it is something I love about the Canvas Community also, many very helpful minds willing to share information!

That sounds awesome and makes more sense (so can hopefully get some more insights from some people that have integrated Canvas with Salesforce). Both have extremely extensive (and well documented) APIs, so the flexibility is certainly there.

I look forward to keeping an eye on this and seeing how you progress.



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Has anyone heard of, or encountered a possible solution to this problem? We've Salesforce as our CRM, and I have been looking for a SSO solution that allows students to log into Salesforce and Canvas using the same credentials, and view a student's comprehensive information from both sources - Salesforce and Canvas.
Thanks in advance.

Community Champion

Good morning,  @kunal_ashar ‌.

 At Columbia Business School, we engaged 7Summits ( to help us build a student dashboard in Salesforce, which includes data retrieved from Canvas via API.

 Here’s a slideshow on the topic:

Hi Stuart,

When I try access below link, there’s an error, please kind advise how to fix it, I am looking for the document for Canvas/Salesforce integration.





Hi Stuart,

We are processing to integrate between Canvas LMS with Salesforce SIS, I just clicked your below LINK for the best practices, but there's error message as below:


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Do you know to fix it ?