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Canvas graded survey sending out emails

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Canvas graded survey sending out emails

Every students that finishes a graded survey automatically gets an email saying that their survey has been graded. This is disruptive and we need to turn off this feature. As this is the only way "realiable" way of getting essayquestions through the api we need to be able to automatially get all answers and generate the data off them.

So the questions is, how can we turn off the automatic email? I see nowwhere a setting to change this.

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Good morning, @manilpit ...

Since graded surveys in Canvas courses are using the same interface as a normal graded quiz (via Classic Quizzes...not New Quizzes), I think the notification setting in a user's profile for this is the "Grading" row.  As you may know, user notification settings are controlled by the individual user.  They can be set for the entire user's account or just at the course level.  Instructors cannot set notification settings for students.  Students cannot set notification settings for instructors.

So, as a possible work-around, you might want to try posting an announcement in the course telling your students to turn this option off for just this course.  However, keep in mind that if you have other graded quizzes or graded surveys in the course that you *do* want students to get notifications on, then disabling the option in the notifications screen might not be the best option for all involved.

I hope I am understanding your question correctly.  Keep us posted if this information helps at all.  Thanks.  Take care, and be well.

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