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Students cannot view the module when it has ended

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Hi, for a certain course the option for students to be able to view the module after it has ended is turned on. However they cannot see it. A temporary solution I have tried is putting the course down as a semester course so students can see it for longer. Is there a fix for this or am I missing something?

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When you say "it has ended," do you mean the course that you are teaching? At my community college, the students lose access to their Canvas courses once the semester has ended. This is a district-wide policy. If I have, for example, a student who has an incomplete, then I must make a request to the Canvas administrator of my college to reopen the course for that individual student.

As long as the course is published, though, you have complete control regarding which modules the students have access to. As long as the individual module is published, and the students can access "Modules" through their Course Navigation bar, they should be able to see it.

Perhaps I don't fully understand your question. 

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