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Change Point Value of Quiz Questions - Individually or ALL questions at once

Is there a way to change the point value of questions in a quiz that has already been created? It hasn't been published yet. 

I know in Blackboard you can use course tools, tests, choose the test, edit test, and you could select ALL and enter new points, and then update. This will update all questions with the new point value. Additionally, you can select certain questions and change the point value that way.

Is this possible in Canvas? 

Thanks! Heather

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Community Coach

Hi  @hbrown1 

You can also edit question item point values in Canvas quizzes, but you can only do so one question at a time.  This guide will be helpful , but instead of creating the quiz, you are editing it.

  • Navigate to the quiz,
  • Click "Edit",
  • Click the "Questions" tab,
  • Click the edit pencil in each item,
  • Change the point value, then
  • Click "Update Question",
  • Then click "Save when all items are updated.

I hope this helps,


This option needs to be changed to edit all and change the value of the points because it imports exam generator questions with the wrong value and it's too much of a hassle to correct each one individually.

Do you have another suggestion?

Hi Jacqueline

when I import from a test bank and it imports the wrong (typically 1 point) value I use question groups.  If possible I start a new quiz,  it's just simpler in my opinion,  and then create a group,  where I link to the question bank I've imported.  Tell the quiz to grab all questions and correct the value all at once. See images in my reply below. 


I totally agree, we should be able to select certain or all questions to change point values in a more comprehensive fashion.

We should also be able to select certain or all questions to change the description field of the question.

We should also be able to re-arrange the answer fields so that we can change the order of the answers; I know you can "shuffle" but sometimes you don't want to shuffle all answers.

We should also be able to be able to choose between open fields, and a,b an c ... on our end.

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Thanks Kelley! 

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Hi Heather

To change one question at at time,  go to the questions tab,  and hover over the question you want to change,  click on the pencil icon to open up the question editor. From there you can change the value of that question.


If you want to change the value of a group of questions,  I find it easiest to create a question group,  then move (drag and drop) the questions into the group I want to change.  Tell the group you want to choose x number of the questions and each is worth y number of points,  and of course be sure to update the group to save your changes.


Hope this helps

Sara Udelhofen 

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I too would like to know this answer.

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There needs to be a feature where you change the value of the questions all at once. It's very frustrating. As it is now, however, the only advice I can give is to start with the bottom question and move upwards. Just change all the points. And then click all of the "update questions"s from bottom to top again. Doing it in this order shaves off probably half the time. 

thanks. this is helpful. sad state of affairs that a multimillion LMS has to constantly be 'hacked' like that. 

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there is no way to change all question points at once. this is why Canvas sucks so bad. no real instructor would ever not have such a feature. there are dozens of examples of simple features and default settings that can only come form people who never taught a real course. but i guess their advertising is stellar, so they convince all the administrators and IT people who never teach a real course that it is a great LMS.

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To change point values on questions in a survey (classic quizzes), first change the survey to quiz, make edits, and then change it back to a survey. 

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