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I am a student. The semester started and every class is registered and posted. I can see the assignments in the calendar on the phone but not on the computer. The color of classes is grey and when I change the color of class, it doesn't be applied and stays in grey. On the mobile phone, I can see the classes in different colors. But on the computer, there are no classes on the calendar. It worked until last semester properly which is 2 months ago and now doesn't work. please help!

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Hi Chocho,

There is a simple fix. Click on Calendar in your Global Navigation Bar (to the far left of your screen.) Now you will see your calendar. To the right, you should see a list of your courses. Click on the little box next to each course to turn on the color. That should populate your calendar with the course assignments. 

Note that you can choose which course(s) to see by clicking on and off the boxes.


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