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Changing column width of a table, or adding CSS

I'm editing the syllabus of an existing class that someone else has set up. The column widths of the table are off. The 4th column with links should be big and the 1st & 2nd column with dates and names should be small, but the opposite is true.

I'm very familiar with HTML and CSS.

I looked at the table's HTML and the <td> tags have a style defining the width on every <td> tag, so I could do a global replace, but this is not a good HTML coding standard. Also, there are multiple conflicting width definitions on a single tag, so it's kind of a mess that I'd like to clean up.

I'd prefer to define a CSS class for each of the 4 columns so it's easy to edit in one place, but when I edit the syllabus page I don't have access to the page <head> tag, so I don't see that I can do it at the HTML level.

Is there a way for me to edit the CSS? Or is there a way in the editor to manipulate the column widths globally?

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I'm also very frustrated by the way that the Canvas RCE automatically adds element-level width and height styling to every cell in a table.  I'm continually deleting these styles, so that the user's browser can provide dynamic sizing.  The RCE is continually battling me, adding widths and heights that will be poor choices as soon as anything is edited, or the content is viewed on a different device.

This is bad HTML coding.

I'm mostly replying to this thread in hopes that someone will reply with suggestions.  But I will pose a simpler question: Can we stop the RCE from automatically adding the element-level width and height styling?  This is a prerequisite to doing proper CSS styling, as the original post requests.