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Chrome says my browser is out of date

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I am a student at Grossmont College. I'm trying to login to the Canvas system. It gives me a message saying that my browser is out of date. I am using Chrome. I tried to update it (using the update process that came up). It just gave me a screen with some sad looking logo on it. It looks like it does not work to do an update for a newer version of the Chrome browser. Please help me with this problem.

Will I get a response to this request for assistance?

If so, how or where? Here as an email? 


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Hi @Pat-Hopkins -

If you type chrome://settings/help into your Chrome's address bar. Is there an option to update, or does it say "Chrome is up to date"?

You may also want to try to clear cache/cookies.

How do I clear my browser cache on a PC? 

How do I clear my browser cache on a Mac? 

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Hi @Pat-Hopkins,

I came across this thread while doing a community cleanup.  Unfortunately, the community is made up of Canvas users (administrators, teachers, students, etc), and this means most of the help offered is on Canvas itself.  If your browser is failing to update, the first thing I'd suggest is to reboot the device, then try updating again.  If that is still unsuccessful, for chrome you could visit, and download and install the newest version from there, which should overwirte whatever version you currently have.

I hope this helps you or others that might come across this thread in the future.


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